We are co-laborers together in common mission. We are co-investors in the Indianapolis community at large. We will not grow large enough until the social problems in our community sit in our shadow.


Who We are 

We knew we could be great. We knew we could infuse more power into the work we are called to do. And to do that, we knew we had to build the right team with the right skills and endless will to build a better agency. From there, after hundreds of conversations, we decided we will be the most excellent agency in the USA. Why? Because our plan is to do things differently versus just mediocre or checking boxes. How? By training our team, having a likeness of mind, and by delivering an outstanding life changing product. We will meet our clients where they are and provide tailored resources to get them to their best selves. 


To teach the world the possibilities that can originate from the power of resiliency. Resilient Minds seeks to assist those who have the determination to succeed and overcome their adversities by providing Reentry Services, Counseling & Mental Health Services, Food, Shelter, Clothing, Child Care, Basic Necessities, Education & Scholarships, Life Skills and Case Work.


To help ALL individuals find the GRIT within themselves to preserve and overcome unfavorable circumstances. 

Meet Our Fearless Leader

Morey Strozier has worked hard to develop a company of like-minded, talented individuals who are dedicated to helping the people and of Indianapolis by providing important services in compassionate and inspiring ways.

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9165 Otis Ave Suite 114

Indianapolis, IN 46216

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Hours of Operation

Monday-Thursday 8:00am-6:00pm

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