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Morey Strozier is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Resilient Minds, LLC, a social services agency that specializes in family reunification services administered through the Department of Child Services in Indiana. Strozier holds her Bachelors in Psychology and is currently earning her License in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.

Strozier is a diligent worker and qualified leader with enormous passion that gives great meaning and value to her work. This being said, she has logged over 4,500 hours of home-based casework and supervised visitation, serving some of the most challenging, underserved clients in the state including many that other case managers declined. Her record is exemplary.

Career Background

CEO of Resilient Minds

Behavioral Health Specialist

Home-Based Caseworker

Correction Officer

Community Service Officer

Her History

Morey is 31 years old, born in Aurora, Illinois. Morey graduated from High School in 2006 from Oswego High School. After graduation the young grad set her sights on St. Cloud College in Minnesota to embark on a college career that would be more than what she anticipated. Morey did not know she would spend the next 10 years earning her bachelors and learning how to manage the turbulence of life and the true meaning of what it means to be resilient. Having her first child at 21 life became more complicated. Still on track with a diploma in sight.

Morey began her career in 2009 as a Community Service Officer and Dispatcher at her college police department. Morey strategized and selected a career she could grow and one that aligned with her education goals. Morey dropped everything with her child in tote and relocated to Tennessee with no job secured and a hope and prayer in pocket. Morey landed a position in Corrections in 2010. Strozier later relocated to Indianapolis after extensive research on what states had the most opportunity and potential. With hope in her heart she landed a job working at The Marion County Jail II in Indianapolis, Indiana. There she worked as a correctional officer and correctional counselor. In 2015 Strozier embarked on one of the most incredible journey’s of working in Pendletons Maximum security prison for Men. This would be a test of mental fortitude and endurance. With her eyes still on the prize she finally graduated from college with her Bachelors in December 2016. Leaving Department of Corrections was not easy. Morey used her experience she gained working with Mental health offenders to the wards of Community North Mental health ICU. 

With over five years in correctional experience, Strozier knows what it means to deal with difficult, dangerous and stressful situations. Through years of working 16-hour days to provide for her own children as a single mother, witnessing the plights of inmates and putting herself through her bachelor’s program, she knew winning didn’t come easy. She understands the circumstances that lead to trouble and the difficulty inmates have re-entering society. From Pendleton Prison, with degree in hand, Strozier gained experience in mental health through working face to face with those who have mental health disorders. Inmates openly cried when she walked the range for the last time saying goodbyes. Strozier’s desire to help others grew even greater when she began her journey as a case manager serving children and families in May 2017.

Creating Resilient Minds

While immersing herself in her work, trying hard to bring solutions and resources, learning the DCS business, and understanding the families she served and still serves, her vision for Resilient Minds was born. She believed there could be a better way to serve her clients and the under-served and under-nurtured people who are stuck in situations without the attention and tools delivered in a manner with which they could actually hear, act, and make permanent changes in their lives. So she gathered the most resilient minds she knew – successful, proven, spirited, individuals with the same vision, capacity, and tenacity to make this their life work.

Resilient Minds was founded in 2018 to serve the DCS clients of Indiana in a different way by promoting the power of resilience and excavating clients’ capabilities. Ms. Strozier believes in teaching families how to tap into their inner GRIT in order to change their paths and overcome unfavorable circumstances.

The Future

“It's hard and I can do it.”

Morey is still in school. She is set to complete her Masters degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling in 

March of 2021. She will become a fully licensed clinical mental health counselor in October of 2021. There is no stopping her. She is on track and will be ready  to earn a PH.D in Counseling and Education immediately following completion of licensure in Winter 2021. 

With a PHD Dr. Strozier will continue her life work serving the community by opening a state of the art Holistic Health Center & Womens Clinic in Winter of 2021. The Holistic Center and Women’s Clinic will be set on a campus and house Stroziers private practice with licensed mental health professionals that will provide counseling and behavioral health services, social services with licensed social worker professionals, community based services, women’s clinic to honor her late grandmothers Earlie May Davis and Leola Waters. The center will take on a Food is Medicine Approach equipped with Juice bar and computer café and library. The center will feature boutiques, gym, playground and classrooms. Holistic services such as acupuncture, salt therapy and massage will offer a holistic approach to make ALL treatment as natural as possible. 

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